Tipperary University Hospital To Lift Visiting restrictions Today

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Tipperary University Hospital in Clonmel is to lift current visiting restrictions with immediate effect from today, Wednesday 1st March 2023.

The following visiting arrangements are now in place at TippUH.

Visiting at TippUH is permitted between 2pm – 4pm and 6.30pm – 8.30pm. No visiting is allowed outside of these hours unless in exceptional circumstances by prior arrangement with the ward/department manager.   Patients in all ward areas are permitted visitors. Two visitors are permitted at each bedside (in the event that a third visitor comes to the patient’s bedside earlier visitors are requested to leave). Members of the public who are unwell are asked not to visit patients. Visits should be short – approximately an hour but should be appropriate to the needs of the patient. Visitors must wear a surgical facemask while in the hospital which covers the mouth and nose at all times. Children should not visit the hospital unless in exceptional circumstances and by prior approval of the ward/department manager.

In respect of visits to the Paediatric Unit one parent/guardian/nominated person at a time may visit and visiting to the Paediatric ward is permitted outside of the normal 4 hour afternoon and evening times.  No children are allowed to visit except in exceptional circumstances as approved by the ward manager.

As regards the Maternity Service partners/nominated support person can attend the labour ward with the woman either via the front door or ED. As per National Guidelines, the partner/nominated support person can be with the woman from 8-9 pm. In the event of a woman labouring into the evening/night/overnight, the partner/support person can be present if desired. There is not an option for the partner/nominated support person to swap with another person. Partners/nominated support persons are facilitated at the booking scan, anomaly scan, or any other visit that may involve communication of particular emotional significance.

Partners/nominated support persons are welcome to attend the booking appointment but due to space restrictions are requested to limit the visit following the scan.

Visiting in the special care baby unit is facilitated for the mother and partner/nominated support person only