Council Provides Funds For Schemes Around The County


Tipperary County Council supported 69 group water schemes in 2022 by providing  €551,531 in funding for annual maintenance.

The council issued an invitation to 72 Schemes to apply for the support in January 2022.

Many communities source their water from a locally managed Group Scheme and the council supports these in certain circumstances.

At present there are 18 Group Water Schemes currently engaged in Capital projects that are assisted by the Council’s Rural Water Team.  

As at mid-December 2022, €132,813 has been invested with 13 Group Water Schemes. 

The Team also provided grants to 92 applicants in respect of Private Wells. 

A total of €264,167 has been invested and 84 applicants have been paid to date.

The council also operates a scheme to support the safe operation of Septic Tanks and provided  €10,700 approximately in respect of three tanks.

In the coming weeks a new campaign is to be launched to promote a Department of Housing and Local Government Scheme  in respect of replacing lead piping. 

The Environment Section of the Council operates the schemes to protect public health and the environment.