Landowners Reminded To Cut Hedgerows Before Deadline


The Road Safety Authority (RSA) and the County and City Management Association (CCMA) are calling on land-owners to cut their hedgerows before the March 1 deadline, to ensure they are not causing a potentially serious road safety hazard.

There is a closed season for hedgerow cutting under the Wildlife Act to protect biodiversity but hedgerows can be cut at any time if a safety issue is involved.

The RSA is highlighting a number of serious consequences for road users due to poorly maintained hedgerows such as pedestrians or cyclist forced onto the road due to overgrown hedgerows in addition to all road users having poor sightlines especially at junctions or road signs being obscured.

The RSA say Road safety is a shared responsibility, and it is important that landowners remain alert and take accountability for maintaining hedgerows.  Tipperary County council is asking members of the public to report any safety issues caused by overgrowth so that they can then contact the relevant landowner to take action.