Deputy Lowry Supports The Transition Of Taoiseach

File photo of Michael Lowry
Michael Lowry, TD ©

An Independent TD for Tipperary says he will be supporting the transition of Taoiseach and Cabinet.

Michael Lowry says there’s several pessimistic in the Dail, which he says leads to nothing only headlines.

Deputy Lowry says he believes in given credit, where credit is due, he acknowledged that the coalition had a difficult birth but it had enough success to warrant a vote of support.

The Thurles based TD named a number of successes such as the finance being in good order, our welfare system is one of the most generous compared to other EU nations.

Mr Lowry says the alternative government is a Sinn Fein led government along with other left TDs which he stated would not be a coherent government as it’s untried and untested.

During his speech in the Dail, the Independent TD mentioned how one month of PM Liz Truss led to the economy going into a head spin.

Independent TD Mattie McGrath stated in the Dail he will not be voting for Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar as Taoiseach.