Tipperary County Council To Develop Affordable Housing In The Coming Years

Image by Shahid Abdullah from Pixabay

Tipperary County Council is actively working on developing affordable housing over the coming years. The purpose of an affordable housing scheme is to provide houses at a reduced purchase price for eligible applicants – the provision is part of the Government’s Housing for All Policy.

To establish the current level of interest in such a scheme in the county the council has opened an online survey which also seeks to establish if any interest exists for a cost rental scheme in the county.  The survey seeks to identify income levels of respondents, their family size, and their preference for housing type and location.This information is intended to aid the council in designing a scheme with the right type of homes, at the locations and price points that suit people’s needs insofar as possible. If,an affordable housing scheme is developed it will be advertised separately with a formal application process when such homes are ready for occupation. The survey is available here.