Almost 60 Sheep Killed By Dogs In Two Unrelated Attacks

Image by analogicus from Pixabay

Two farmers have suffered huge losses as almost 60 sheep have been killed by dogs in two unrelated attacks.

Fifty lambs died early Saturday morning near Moneygall.

The alarm was raised as some of the surviving sheep went to the backyard of a neighbouring house.

The farmers found horrific scenes including 11 lambs dead in the corner of a field.

The sheep were between 7 – 9 months old and worth approximately €10,000.

The farmer will also have to cover the costs to remove the dead animals estimated to be €1,000.

The farmer has now moved his 200 ewes indoors as has a neighbour.

The farmer feels the dog owners will know their dogs were involved as they will have blood on their fur and is appealing for the dog owners to have the animals put down.

Garda are investigating the attack.

A Kildare farmer has lost 20 sheep – 12 are dead and 8 unaccounted for.

This attack took place last week.

Farm organisations are calling for stronger legislation in relation to the control of dogs.