Campaigners Call Out Lack Of Communication From Garda College


The We Just Want To Swim – Templemore group are calling out the lack of communication from the Garda College.

The campaigners say the college has not responded to any correspondence from the local schools in the area and that no licences have been issued contrary to the statement by the college that the pool will be available for the schools by end of November.

The group says that the college is now informing community groups to contact the OPW – Office of Public Works Patrick O’Donovan to request licences which is in opposition to what the OPW have stated in various correspondence from them.

They says the college has gone back on its word that the pool will be available by end of this month.

The group is calling for action as every week that the college ignores the schools and community groups is another week where our children from the community of Templemore are put at risk from drowning !