Safety Concern Continue For Shronell National School

National Slow Down Day Highlights Dangers Of Road Speeding (Image by Jiří Rotrekl from Pixabay)

Parents with children attending Shronell National School continue to be concerned about safety issues involving the road outside the school.  A recent request to the council for a range of measures to improve the situation involving cars speeding past the school and a lack of parking spaces has been met with a limited response from the council.

The Council intends to erect new speed warning signs and fix the signs indicating the presence of the school but no action is proposed in respect of providing an area for cars to park.

The driver feedback signs will take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Repairs to the “school ahead indicator sign” will take at least four weeks as electronic components will not be delivered for at least a month. As regards providing any car parking space the council is of the view that this is a matter for Shronell National School, the Department of Education and local land owners.

A traffic survey on the road shows average daily traffic movements of 1,850 vehicles, 49% of which break the existing speed limit of 80km. The matter is expected to be discussed again at the Tipperary Cahir Cashel Municipal District meeting on Monday next November 28th