Deputy McGrath Calls On Government To Reverse Decision To Ban Bush Burning On Farms


The Rural Independent Group of TDs are asking the government to reverse a decision to ban the burning of bushes and green waste on farms from January 1st.

Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath describes the move as “another swipe at rural communities”.

Ireland has availed of derogations from the EU since 2009 as the regulation is aimed at reducing emissions.

The decision to grant a derogation for the practice to continue lies with Environment Minister Eamon Ryan.

The Rural Independents say the situation highlights the weakness of the Agriculture Minister, Charlie Mc McConalogue, to advocate for farmers on such issues.

If no derogation is in place for 2023 The Rural Independents say farmers face possible reporting to the Garda, having the fire services called, paying expenses, heavy fines, and even sanctions.