Deputy Browne Seeks Supports To Deal With Recruitment Of Retained Firefighters


Tipperary TD Martin Browne is seeking support for proposals to address the recruitment and retention crisis in the Retained Fire Service.

A recent survey revealed that 60% of the Retained Fire Service intend to leave in the near future, many within the next year.

Tipperary Town Station is short-staffed and cannot deploy all the vehicles at it’s disposal.

Retained firefighters are currently balloting nationally for strike action.

Deputy Browne says the government’s failure to engage with the Retained Fire Service has led to a situation where there is danger to the safety of both members of the Retained Fire Service and members of the public.

Sinn Féin is bringing forward a motion calling for the establishment of a cross-party Joint Oireacthas Committee to conduct a full and independent review of how the national retained fire service is delivered across the State.

Sinn Féin is asking that this committee sit for four months. Deputy Browne is asking all Tipperary TDs to support the motion in respect to a special temporary committee to develop a solution to the staffing crisis in the retained fire service.

Apart from the larger cities all other fire stations nationally, including 12 in county Tipperary, are staffed via this model with firefighters responding to the station when an alert is received.