Lack Of Funds Could Lead To No Christmas Lights In Tipp Town


Concerns are being expressed in many communities about the costs of installing Christmas Lights for the festive period.

The period has been extended in recent years with many locations turning on their lights well in advance of the traditional December 8th.

Costs for road closure permits, insurance and compliance with safety regulations to erect and remove the lights and electrical checks are making the tradition almost unaffordable for many towns and villages.

In addition, this year, the cost of electricity is an added factor.

Tipperary Town is faced with such a dilemma.

The Chamber of Commerce has been responsible for the erection of Christmas lights and sourced funding to purchase a new set of lights in 2020.

For Christmas 2022 there is a doubt that the lights will be installed due to the lack of available funding.

A council grant of up to €5,000 may be available.

Costs for erecting and removing the lights, road closure permits and electricity could cost up to an estimated €19,000.

The Chamber is asking for public suggestions on the issue.

It may consider some additional fundraising measures such as a tractor run to generate funds in addition to donations from local business owners.