Management Position Available At Tipperary Engine Facility


A manager is being sought for the Tipperary Engine facility in the Tipperary Technology Park on Rosanna road. The post has been advertised with a closing date of November 17th on the Tipperary County Council website. The post is for three years. The Tipperary Engine is a new development linked to the Innovation Engine in Limerick and designed to support innovation, enterprise and remote working in Tipperary town.

Tipperary Technology Park was built in 2000 to provide office space for start-up companies. The centre has approximately 14,000 sq. ft of floor space and is currently running at 80% occupancy. An area circa 3,000 sq. ft, to the rear of the centre is being renovated currently to provide shared working space and an innovation hub. It will promote community, collaboration, accessibility and rural revitalisation. This project is being funded by Enterprise Ireland and Tipperary County Council, and is designed to act as a catalyst in attracting digital nomads to re-locate to the area and can significantly reduce daily and weekly out-migration commute patterns and spends. The provision of a regionally linked e-hub provides SMEs and entrepreneurs with new opportunities to meet a peer network and tap into new growth opportunities for their business. Funding has been provided to enable the Hub to be marketed, and provide significant improvement in standard of services available and therefore significantly increasing the rental income. The ENGINE in Limerick provides a meeting point for multinationals to engage with local enterprise solutions providers as well as entrepreneurs who are working on scaling their ideas. It is intended that Tipperary Innovation Engine will work closely with Limerick Engine to provide opportunities for users to network and benefit from access to multi-nationals.