Tipperary Instructor Encourages Men To Take Up Yoga


A Tipperary instructor is encouraging men to take up Yoga.

Shelly Tobin believes there’s a myth that yoga is for women only but that’s simply not the case.

Ms Tobin says during her time in Australia most of her classes were made up of men but its the reverse in Ireland.

However she says the numbers of males attending her classes is gradually growing.

The Cahir based instructor says the benefits include improved core strength, balance and range in motion.

While its unique breathing and mediation techniques along with physical postures allows the stress hormone to be lowered.

Shelly says there’s different types of yoga and it’s about finding the one that best suits you.

The World Health Organisation is recommended yoga be introduced in workplace to deal with stress and anxious employees.

If you’d like to hear the full interview of Shelly Tobin you can listen below. (Timestamp 40m 17s)