Tipp Woman Warns Of Text Scam About New COVID Variant Antigen Tests


A Tipperary woman is warning of a scam that nearly cost her the  entire contents of her bank account.

The woman works as an accountant part time and received a text message purporting to have been sent from the HSE.

The message advised that there was a new variant of the Covid Virus that antigen tests could not detect.

A new improved home test was available for €2.85.

The woman checked the message and it looked authentic, had what looked like HSE links, scrolling back she also saw other messages from the HSE including one calling her for her Covid booster.

She decided to make a purchase and was asked to supply her bank card number as normal but was also asked for her eight digit account number and her four digit PIN number.

The woman recognised that this was inappropriate and ended the transaction.

She subsequently contacted the Garda who advised to be cautious as scams are getting more and more sophisticated.

The woman also contacted her bank to cancel her bank card as a precaution.

No funds were taken from her account but she wanted to warn others to be alert to such scams.