Government Launches ‘Ready To Building Scheme

Photo Credit: @MichealMartinTD

The government has announced a new housing initiative – the ‘Ready to Build’ Scheme.

The scheme will see Tipperary County Council make available serviced sites in towns and villages at discounted rates for individual purchasers who wish to build their own home in Tipperary.

This means that the sites will have the necessary infrastructure such as electricity, water and wastewater available in towns and villages to potential purchasers for the building by the purchaser of a principal private residence.

The level of discount to the individual will depend on the level of servicing cost incurred by the local authority before the sale of the site but will not exceed €30,000.

The amount of such discount will be reflected in the sale price of the site to the purchaser.

The scheme will be administered in each county by the Council’s vacant homes officer.

The scheme is intended to provide housing and also tackle the blight of vacant and undeveloped sites.

This new initiative will work hand-in-hand with the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant, which aims to tackle vacancy and dereliction in towns and villages by giving prospective homeowners a grant of up to €30,000 (€50,000 if derelict) for the refurbishment of a vacant property for occupation as a principal private residence.