Concerns Raised About Ongoing N24 Cahir-Oola Route Selection


Concerns have been raised about the ongoing route selection work for the N24 Cahir to Oola project.

The matter was raised by Cllr Michael Fitzgerald at the September meeting of Tipperary county council.

The consultants have changed the route of the connecting road from Figheragh Bansha to Scart Bansha since the closure of the most recent consultation period.

This means the residents in the area did not get notification in May that they may be affected and nor where they invited directly to participate in the consultations.

The council’s response is that the area is within the study area and that there is potential for all connection routes to be changed until the route is finalised.

The council did offer to follow up with the residents and arrange for a meeting with the design team, ARUP consultants and the Mid West Roads Design Office.

The Option Selection Report is to be published by the end of the month. These documents will be made available on the project website (

The Option Selection Report will document both the assessments undertaken and the decisions made in selecting the preferred route for the major road project.

The project will then proceed to the next phase of the planning and design process, i.e. Phase 3 (Design & Environmental Evaluation).