Offender Prosecuted By Council For Illegally Dumping At Tourist Spot

Photo credit: Tipperary County Council

Cashel District Court has issued a fine of €100 and made an order for costs in sum of €3,926.50 to be discharged within 6 months in respect of a person pleading guilty to dumping 7 bags of household domestic waste at Loughlin’s Bridge in the Vee.

The bags were found on March 7th this year and upon examination evidence identifying the offender was found.  The bags were dumped on the bank and in the river, and were well scattered.

This led to the offender being prosecuted by Tipperary County Council for offences under section 32 of the Waste Management Act 1996

The Offender pleaded guilty to both offences at a sitting of Cashel District Court before Judge King on 8 September 2022.   Judge King ruled that a conviction was warranted in this matter.

This location of the dumping is  an area of natural beauty with spectacular views and is extremely  popular with hikers and walkers.

A popular walk to the Bay Lough and a trail head for a hike up the Knockmealdown mountains is 4.9km from Loughlin’s Bridge on the R668.