Irish Water Urges Tipp People To Conserve Water

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Irish Water is asking the public to continue efforts to conserve water in order to ensure critical supplies can be maintained into late Summer and Autumn. 

While the majority of Irish Water’s 750 water treatment plants continue to meet the demand for water supply there has been a steady increase in the number of supplies that are being impacted by drought conditions. And the number of locations experiencing restrictions is likely to increase over the coming days and weeks as demand remains high due to the hot weather.

At present there are 37 supplies nationwide where Irish Water is implementing measures to ensure taps keep flowing. Five of these locations are in county Limerick and three are in county Tipperary.

The Tipperary locations are Dualla Borehole and the Coalbrook and Kilcash Water treatment plants.

The Limerick areas currently being supplemented in some way include the Cooga, Oola and Lacka Doon borehole Water Treatment Plants and the Pump Stations in Hospital(station1) and Skagh Well Pump Station serving Croom.

In some cases the supplementary supply has led to Boil before Use Notices being issued for the water supply.

In most cases, there is still no impact on customers but there are a small number of locations where overnight restrictions are in place. These include parts of West Cork, Kerry and Galway. In addition to areas where there are active interventions taking place there are over 60 supplies around the country that are being closely monitored by Irish Water to ensure that normal supply is maintained for the rest of the Summer and into Autumn.