Council Plan To Link Rock Of Cashel To Town Centre


A walk linking the town centre in Cashel to the Rock of Cashel is intended to provide a local amenity and an economic boost by attracting more of the visitors to the rock of Cashel into the town centre.

374,092 visitors toured the iconic location in 2019.

The walk will run from behind the Courthouse up to the car park adjacent to the Cashel Palace and then up towards Bothar na Marbh.

Tipperary County council are said to be working to develop a walk along the route of  the former Bishops Walk in advance of the development of a Cashel Town Park to be located between the Rock of Cashel and the Cashel Palace Hotel. 

Funding for the overall Cashel Town Park  project will be sought under the Rural Regeneration Development Fund. Efforts have been made over many years to attract more of the visitors from the Rock into the town centre. A major town centre public realm enhancement plan is currently the subject of a Part 8 Planning Application as part of joint plan between Tipperary County Council and Fáilte Ireland to make Cashel a destination town.