10,492 People Are In Emergency Accommodation


The Monthly Homeless Report for June 2022 shows that nationally 10,492 individuals were accessing emergency accommodation, an increase of 167 (1.6%) on the May 2022 total.

There were 7,421 homeless adults recorded in June.
1,385 families were recorded as homeless, including 3,071 children (under-18).

The Housing Dept. says the continued increases are a serious cause for concern for the Government.

Local Councillor Mary Hanna Hourigan, who was Chair of the Tipperary County Council Housing SPC for three years, said today that 14 families are currently homeless in Tipp Town, despite many houses sitting empty in town.

Campaigners say the figures understate the housing crisis due to people staying with family and friends in overcrowded situations.

There are 61 people listed as homeless for county Tipperary – down from 63 people listed in May.

Responding to the Report, Simon Communities of Ireland have said things are beyond crisis point.

The Charity has made recommendations for 5,000 vacant properties to be brought back into use through the Repair and Lease Scheme for people that are homeless as well as increasing funding towards homeless prevention and reforming HAP rates.

The latest figures show the number of people in emergency homeless accommodation has risen for the sixth consecutive month.