557 New .IE Domains Registered In Tipp In First 6 Months


The agency that manages the registration of websites in Ireland has reported that 557 new dot ie domains were registered in Tipperary in the first half of 2022.

This represents growth of 34.9% versus pre-pandemic 2019 levels.

The company known as dot ie is the national registry for dot ie domain names.

It’s purpose is to enable people, communities, and businesses across Ireland to thrive online. 

Identifying with place proved very popular in the new registrations in county Tipperary.

The top three keywords in new  registrations were ‘Ireland’, ‘Tipperary’ and ‘retrofits’.

Almost 5,000 new .ie websites were registered in Munster in the same 6 month period.

65% of .ie websites have a security certificate installed but use of other security features remains low – potentially leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks with 211 cybersecurity attacks identified between January and June 2022.

The agency says that businesses are using their websites as a core part of their business post-pandemic, seamlessly linking their physical premises with their digital presence.

This means that their customers can enjoy the experience of shopping in-store, as well as the convenience and ease of e-commerce. 

Nationally 23,809 new websites containing .ie were registered between January and June and there are now 332,642 domains with .ie  in their domain name indicating a link to Ireland.