Ukraine Ambassador To Lead Annual Famine 1848 Walk


The Ukrainian Ambassador to Ireland, Ms Larysa Gerasko, will lead this year’s annual Famine 1848 Walk in Ballingarry in South Tipperary on Saturday, 30 July at

Welcoming the visit of the Ambassador as Walk Leader, historian Dr Thomas Mc Grath of the Ballingarry 1848 Society stated: ‘The Walk this year is an opportunity for everyone to come out and express our solidarity with the Ukrainian Ambassador and Ukrainian attendees on the terrible suffering they have endured since the Russian invasion of their country on 24 February’.

Historic parallels between the experience of famine in Ireland and Ukraine and the contemporary danger of international famine will be drawn and referenced on the Walk.

The Famine 1848 Walk takes place from the Young Ireland 1848 and National Flag monument in the village of The Commons to the Famine Warhouse.

The walk covers a mile and a half of gently ascending ground and usually takes about forty-five minutes to reach the house.

The Ambassador will deliver the Walk Leader’s speech in English and Ukrainian once walkers reach the house. Walkers are then free to complete the circuit, if they wish, and return to the starting point in The Commons by the Upper Road.

Ukrainians who are displaced people in Ireland and want to make the Walk in support of their country and their Ambassador are invited to attend.

As a gesture of support for the Ukrainians, Tipperary walkers are asked to bring their Tipperary flags which are so similar to the colours of the Ukrainian national flag.