Tipp TD Accuses Fine Gael Of Shedding Crocodile Tears On Agri Emissions


A Tipperary Independent TD is accusing Fine Gael TDs and Senators of shedding crocodile tears on Agri emissions.

The Rural Independents led by Mattie McGrath says these government party TDs and Senators voted in favour of the Climate Action Act 2021.

The legislation gives the Climate Advisory Council the power to set the target ranges for emission reductions with the exact figure to be agreed between government Ministers.

Deputy McGrath accused Fine Gael of ‘doublespeak’ on agriculture by encouraging dairy farmers to invest and also seeking emissions reductions in the sector of at least 22%.

Deputy McGrath defended the agriculture sector saying price increases for food would be inevitable if production was reduced.

Given the current economic, energy and food security threats the Rural Independents are calling on the Taoiseach and the Minister for Agriculture to abandon the planned emissions cuts for the agriculture sector and go back to the drawing board, beginning with consultations with farmers.

Government policy is to reduce emissions by 51% nationally by 2030 with all sectors to be set targets to achieve the national goal.