New Scheme Launches To Help Refurbish Vacant Properties

Declan Burgess

Cashel Councillor Declan Burgess has welcomed a new government scheme to  help refurbish vacant properties, increase home ownership and revitalise communities. The new “Towns Strand” is part of a bigger Croí Cónaithe scheme that also includes supports for apartments in cities.  The local councillor says many areas of towns and villages in Tipperary are experiencing vacancy and dereliction and the aim is to breathe new life into these communities and ensure they are better places in which to live, to work and to raise families.

The Fund will be delivered through Tipperary County Council who will provide a grant to support the refurbishment of vacant properties, with priority given to applications in areas where the level of vacancy or dereliction is high. The fund provides a grant up to €30,000, this can be topped up by an additional sum of €20,000 if the property is derelict and can also be combined with a Better Energy Home Scheme that covers works of up to €26,750. Properties must have been vacant for 2 years or more, have been constructed prior to 1993 and includes buildings not previously used as homes.