Tipp Councillors Reject Housing Emergency Motion


Tipperary councillors rejected a motion on the housing emergency at it’s July meeting.

The motion from Cllr Pat English, Mayor of Clonmel, requested that Tipperary County Council calls on Dáil Eireann to affirm into law that a housing emergency exists in Ireland and that this law should continue for 3 years following which a review would be presented.

Councillor English noted that specific actions were taken in the past to deal with the Banking Crisis and Covid 19 pandemic.

Declaring a crisis would give the government additional flexibility in it’s spending choices with reference to EU rules.

The council executive was in favour of the motion being sent to the Minster for Housing in a response published in advance of a decision at the meeting. .

However the motion was put to a vote and was defeated by 8 votes in favour and 20 against. 12 councillors were absent from the room when the vote was taken.

The motion was the only motion on the agenda for a plenary meeting of Tipperary’s 40 councillors.

The agenda also included consideration of the July Management report, the new County Development Plan, the ratification of Strategic Policy Committee memberships and the sale of property.