People Are Being Encouraged To Climb Slievenamon


People are being encouraged to climb Slievenamon today (July 17th)

The idea is the brainchild of Historian and Ballingarry native Dr Thomas McGrath.

Professor McGrath is hoping to develop an annual event that will celebrate the mountain’s history and heritage.

He feels every Tipperary native should make the climb at least once – the mountain can be accessed from a number of points and has a peak elevation of 2,368 feet.

The date is tied to the third Sunday in July to link back to 1848 when the Young Irelander ‘s held a great meeting on the top of Slievenamon.

Dr McGrath intends to start his walk at 3pm from Kilcash.

The walk from Kilcash would take a moderate walker a little more than one hour to reach the peak which features the remains of ancient burial cairns, which were seen as portals to the Otherworld.

The mountain has been celebrated in the writings of Herminie Templeton Kavanagh where she details the lives of those living in the otherworld. The mountain is celebrated in the song “Slievenamon” composed by Charles J. Kickham. The origin of the mountain’s name is explained in Irish mythology – Fionn mac Cumhaill organised a race to the peak between all of his female admirers – with the first one to reach him winning his hand in matrimony. Legend says he told Gráinne, his sweetheart, about a short cut enabling her to win. All are welcome to attend the walk on July 17th