Tipp Gardaí Launch Registry to Protect Older or Vulnerable Citizens


Gardaí in County Tipperary are to operate a Senior Citizens and Vulnerable Person Registry especially those with Dementia and Alzehimers. 

The scheme is being launched in county Tipperary and at a later date is expected to be a nationwide scheme.

The scheme requires a simple one page form to be completed by the vulnerable person or an authorised person on their behalf and the applicants nurse or doctor.

The person’s home address and emergency contact details can be completed while a photograph is optional. 

The scheme has been trialed in Nenagh Garda District since late last year.

The details supplied are stored in a database that will be subject to data protection legislation.

The aim is that in the event of a person being missing or found it may be possible to quickly reunite them with the family or carer.

The form can be obtained from any Garda station in Tipperary.