HAP Discretion Rate Set To Rise For 1850 Tipp People


As the housing crisis deepens the government is set to announce changes to the operation of the Housing Assistance Payment commonly known as HAP.

From next month there will be an increase in the Housing Assistance Payment discretion rate of up to 35% .

This means that local authorities can now pay up to 35% more than the current set HAP rates – which differs between local authorities.

Housing Minister O’Brien has also indicated that he  will  be expanding the couple’s rate to single people. This change is also to come into effect next month.

Minister O’Brien also confirmed that local authorities can now purchase homes where tenants in receipt of HAP are living and whose landlords are selling the property.

Approximately 60,000 people across the country are in receipt of the HAP payment.

In county Tipperary there are approximately 1850 people receiving HAP support.