10 Pups Abandoned In The Templederry Hills


Mo Chara Animal Rescue is appealing to pet owners  to have their pets neutered to avoid unwanted litters of pups.

The call comes as the Charity is caring for 10 pups abandoned in the Templederry hills on Friday.

The pups were only a few hours old at the time and are now being cared for by two volunteers  and the Mo Chara Rescue.

The volunteers have taken on the care of 7 of the pups and will feed them every 2 hours for at least 2 weeks.

The remaining 3 pups will be cared for at the centre.  Carita Kirby, the Kennel Manager at Mo Chara expressed deep concern for the mother of the puppies – the mother may develop mastitis as she is not feeding her pups and may also be in distress due to the absence of the pups.

Donations to support the charity can be made via their Vetinary supplier – Julian O’Connor Vets in Cashel  062) 61196 or via their Paypal account at [email protected].

All going well the puppies will be put up for adoption in ten to twelve weeks.  Prior to that they will be given all inoculations and worming treatments.  

Mo Chara acknowledge that there is wonderful kindness in the world but says a change in attitude to animal care is required and the long awaited reform of Animal Welfare legislation should be delivered by the Department of Agriculture.