155 Tipp Childcare Providers Join State Funded Scheme


155 Tipperary providers of early learning and care and school age childcare have joined a government funded scheme to deliver a freeze on parental fees by coming into contract for the Transition Fund.

Nationally 92% of providers have joined the new scheme.

Effective between 2 May and 31 August 2022, the Transition Fund will be paid to all participating providers to ensure no increase on parental fees from the September 2021 rates.

The Fund is designed to support services in the interim period between the end of the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme and ahead of the introduction of the new Core Funding Scheme in September 2022.

Providers who have not yet signed up can still do so. The aim to transform the childcare sector to one that is increasingly publicly funded and publicly managed, delivering a service for the public good, through a partnership between the State and providers, to the benefit of children, parents, educators and practitioners, and society overall.

Core funding will be worth up to €73.5 million in 2022 and up to €221 million in a full year from 2023 on.