Public Consultation On Tipperary Racecourse Development Next Week


Tipperary Racecourse, Horse Racing Ireland and Tobin Consulting Engineers will host a public consultation on the planned new all-weather racetrack at Tipperary Racecourse on Tuesday next, May 17th, from 4pm to 7pm.

Interested members of the public are invited  to explore the plans for the new project.

The development is expected to deliver a significant increase in the number of race events held at the track.

The location is also identified for an expansion in recreation facilities including water based activities and community events.

The all-weather racetrack construction project will also require an attenuation lake that may support water based activities.

The facility is also likely to feature in the development of the Thoroughbred Horse Country Experience, a major new  tourism experience product being developed by Tipperary Tourism, Kildare Tourism and Horse Racing Ireland.