HSE Confirms A Child Has Died From Hepatitis


Global health authorities are investigating the cause of hepatitis in children as the HSE confirms a child has died from hepatitis.

The HSE also confirmed that a second child being treated for the same illness has received a liver transplant.

Overall the HSE says there are six probable cases identified in Ireland in children aged from 1 to 12 years and all children were hospitalised for care.

The European Centre for Disease Control  says approximately 450 cases have been identified worldwide but that so far the cause is unexplained.

An alert about this disease in children was first raised by the UK in early April.

It has since been identified in dozens of countries, including Ireland.

The HSE are trying to identify possible causes such as an adenovirus, another infection – including Covid19 – or something in the environment.

The Irish cases were tested on admission for Covid which proved negative and the majority of the cases had not received the Covid vaccine