Council Open To Developing A Dog Park In Thurles


Thurles Templemore MD Council will hold it’s monthly meeting on Monday next.

The 9 councillors will receive updates from Planning and Water services in addition to an update from the District Engineer.

The councillors are also asked to note a new Masterplan for the development of Friar Street and Castle Avenue areas of Thurles.

The councillors have one motion to consider at Monday’s meeting.

The motion in the name of Cllr Rim Ryan.

The motion seeks the installation of a zip line and the provision of a dog park area in the existing Thurles Town Park.

The response from Council management to the motion which will be considered at Monday’s meeting reveals that a previous application for funding under the Capital Grant Funding Scheme for Play and Recreation 2022 from the Department of Children was unsuccessful.

Officials will continue to work to find a funding source.

Council management is open to developing a dog park but does not think there is a suitable space within the Park but will investigate the feasibility of any other site that might be proposed.