Facility Near Bansha Could Be Used To Home Refugees


Refugees from Ukraine are being accommodated at present in two Rest centres established in Tipperary.

The first refugees to use the Dr Pat O’Callaghan Sports Centre in Clonmel arrived on Thursday evening.

Fifty one people comprised of families, couples and some single people arrived in Ireland on Wednesday. Local community groups are engaged with Tipperary County Council to meet the needs of the people and to offer assistance to Clonmel Rotary Club the group managing the operation in Clonmel.

The Community Centre in Littleton is also occupied at present – both locations are used as short term stay for 3 – 5 days for refugees until more suitable accommodation is found and it is intended to give them a respite from travel.

The council continues to source long term accommodation for refugees and TMWR understands that preparations are being made to provide long term accommodation at a facility  near Bansha.