Commercial Rates Waiver To End For Vacant Properties


A local councillor hopes the decision to remove the commercial rates waiver for vacant properties will incentivise property owners to either bring their properties back into use or sell them on.

Currently, owners of vacant commercial properties in most local authorities have the right to a refund (up to 100%) on their commercial rates if they say it is vacant because they cannot get a reasonable rent, or because they are planning to redevelop it.

However this exemption will now be removed to promote full use of vacant properties.” according to the Dept of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.

Independent councillor Anne Marie Ryan says there’s 73 non residential properties in Tipperary Town Centre.

Cllr Ryan says if they are rateable properties they will now have to pay commercial rates.

The Tipp Town based councillor says further details are needed to examine the fine details including what happens if your property is empty but up for sale, or if you are in the middle of renovations, or if they are in receivership.