Tipp’s Adi Roche Say Chernobyl Damage A Real Danger


The impact of the war on the Chernobyl site have raised concerns with Scientists warning of potential risks caused by attacks and mines laid in the area by Russian troops.

Tipperary Woman Adi Roche says that the damage from Chernobyl is a real and present danger not a risk in history.

The nuclear disaster at the plant 36 years ago caused devastation and the impact of the war is causing radiation levels to increase in the area.

Russian troops have since left the area however; shelling resulted in forest fires in the contaminated region.

Ms Roche described the incursion into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone as a cavalier act.

Damage to electricity supply also poses risks to the facility were contaminated materials are stored but need to be maintained at a low temperature to prevent radiation leaks.

There is also a risk posed by over 200 tons of unprotected fuel at the bottom of the Chernobyl reactor escaping into the atmosphere if the reactor is damaged as a result of the war. 

Chernobyl Children International is calling for an immediate evacuation of those who are trapped in the Chernobyl Region, especially the innocent and vulnerable children, to cleaner and safer areas in Western Ukraine.

CCI is also calling on the Irish Government to lobby the UN to declare that any attack on Chernobyl or any other Ukrainian nuclear facilities, be deemed a most heinous war crime, and for the region to be declared a ‘no War Zone’.