Lidl To Offer Employees Paid Time Off For IVF Cycles


Lidl is to become the first major retailer in Ireland to offer all employees paid time off for IVF cycles.

The grocery store be offering two days at full pay per cycle to any of their 6,000 employees undergoing IVF.

The new policy will have no limit to the number of IVF cycles employees can avail of this policy for, and it will be offered to all employees regardless of length of service.

This new fertility paid leave policy is part of a relaunch of their industry-leading benefits package including compassionate leave for employees affected by early pregnancy loss or miscarriage, menopause support resources for employees and line managers, maternity leave, adoptive leave, paternity leave, parents leave, fostering leave and carers leave.

This new package is designed to support and develop employees, ensuring that they can achieve their potential whilst balancing the demands of taking time out of work to care for their families.

The company employees 156 employees in 8 stores in Co. Tipperary.