Planning Exemptions For Solar Panels Due This June


Planning exemptions for solar panels are expected to be completed and ready by the end of June 2022, meaning planning permission will no longer be required for larger installations of solar panels across residential rooftops, farm buildings, schools, community centres and a range of commercial buildings.

The measure is driven by the current energy crisis.

Solar power has huge potential in supplying energy needs and helping to achieve the targets in Ireland’s Climate Action Plan.

The Microgeneration Support Scheme will also allow residents to get paid for excess energy they generate.

Payments for excess energy have already commenced and the roll out of smart electricity meters to facilitate individuals to ‘feed-back’ into the national grid is to be expanded.

In addition the government says the move will create thousands of jobs, increase reliability and resilience in our energy supply and lead to a decarbonised future.

The draft regulations are currently undergoing the Strategic Environmental Assessment process, and the environmental report and draft regulations will be published for a 4-week public consultation shortly.