Inpatient Ward Visits Reinstated In UHL


Overcrowding continues in several hospitals today – especially in Limerick, Cork and Galway with St Vincent’s in Dublin reporting 48 patients on trolleys.

Overall there are 540 admitted patients waiting for beds  according to today’s INMO Trolley Watch. 460 patients are waiting in the emergency department, while 80 are in wards elsewhere in the hospital.

University Hospital Tipperary in Clonmel has 5 patients on Trolleys, University Hospital Limerick reports 77 patients experiencing delayed admission – 41 waiting on Trolleys with 36 accommodated in some ward of the hospital. 

65 patients are waiting on trolleys in Cork University Hospital with 27 patients on trolleys in the Mercy Hospital Cork.

Galway University hospital has 51 patients on trolleys. 

Visiting on inpatient wards in University Hospital Limerick has been reinstated from this morning.

Restriction had been imposed due to a surge in Covid cases.

From today scheduled visiting slots for one visitor per patient must be booked through the Hospital’s booking system on visiting hours at UHL are from 2pm to 4pm and 6pm to 9pm every day.

Visitors will have to wear a face mask, which are available at the hospital entrance, and observe hand hygiene. 

Anyone who is feeling unwell is asked not to visit the hospital. Visiting restrictions remain in place for the Emergency Department, Acute Surgical Assessment Unit, and Acute Medical Assessment Unit with very limited exceptions.

Hospital management are strongly recommending that visitors to UHL are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before coming to the hospital, to minimise risks of infection to staff patients and visitors alike.