Rural Independents Label Criminalising Of Selling Turf As “Dogmatic Plans”


The Rural Independent Group have labelled as  dogmatic plans by the Environment Minister Eamon Ryan, to criminalise anyone, who markets, offers for sale, or distributes turf in Ireland.

The group are calling on Fianna Fail and Fine Gael to stop hiding behind the Greens and order a stop to the proposal.

Tipperary Deputy Mattie Mc Grath,says it is mind boggling that the government would even contemplate proceeding with introducing regulations to ban the marketing, sale or distribution of turf from September this year.

The Newcastle based TD says proceeding to bring in a law to forbid the cutting of turf, except for personal use in your own dwelling, without providing an alternative fuel source, is a devastating blow to many rural residents, particularly the elderly.

Minister Ryan defended the new solid fuel regulations due to take effect in September saying some 1,300 people die prematurely in Ireland due to air pollution from solid fuel burning.

Mr Ryan says while measures are required to reduce the emissions associated with burning peat, the tradition of people cutting their own turf will be respected.