Up To 300 Farmers Will Be Impacted By Cork-Limerick Motorway


Up to 300 farmers are among the 2,000 property owners who will be directly impacted by the new 80km M20-N20 motorway and dual-carriageway, the preferred route for which was unveiled recently.

The road will provide an upgraded transport link between Cork and Limerick cities.

ARUP consultants say that the local authorities in both Limerick and Cork will undertake an intensive consultation process with affected homeowners and farmers,  farm organisations have insisted that all options for redress must be considered

Limerick ICMSA chair John Bateman is quoted in the Farmers Journal saying “The new road is essential for the Munster region, but it is not good news for the farmers and homeowners who are in the development corridor, as it may impact the viability of their farms.