Electric Ireland Announces Increase In Energy Prices


Electricity and gas prices will rise again as Electric Ireland has announced further increases to come into effect on May 1st.

The average electricity bill will go up by 23.4 per cent or €24.80 a month and the average gas bill will go up by 24.8 per cent or €18.35 a month.

The increases will add around €300 a year to electricity bills and €220 to gas bills.

Electric Ireland, part of the State utilities provider ESB, is the largest electricity supplier in Ireland with approximately 1.1 million customers.

Its latest price hike comes in the wake of similar moves by Bord Gáis Energy, Energia and Prepay Power.

Households looking to offset the price increases are being advised that the quickest and easiest way to save money on their energy bills is to compare prices and switch to a cheaper supplier.

Households are also being encouraged to check out any Government supports which are available such as the winter fuel allowance, the free electricity allowance and the exceptional needs payment.