VHI Customers To Receive Refund As Claims Reduce


Customers of VHI are to receive a refund due to a continued reduction in claims due to the impact of Covid on healthcare services.

The health insurance company says  customers are in line to receive refunds of up to €300 per adult and a maximum €100 per child, depending on the type of policies they are on.

Even customers on its lowest plans will save up to €75 per adult and €25 per child following the announcement.

Customers with a VHI policy on May 1st will get the premium waiver and do not need to take any action.

The refunds are to be transferred directly to customers.

VHI  also intends to reduce its prices by an average of 3 per cent across policies as of May 1st, again because of the Covid crisis customers cannot  access as many procedures as in pre-pandemic times.