Surrendering Mariupol Not an Option, says Ukrainian Deputy PM


As fighting continues in Ukraine, Minister Iryna Vereshchuk, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister says that surrendering the eastern port city of Mariupol is not an option and has demanded that Russian forces allow the safe passage of civilians.

The statement comes as Russia’s ministry of defense called on Ukraine to surrender the besieged city by 5am local time today, adding that it would open humanitarian corridors.

US President Joe Biden will visit NATO headquarters in Brussels on Thursday and also visit Poland on Friday, March 25th.

It is now estimated that 10 million people in Ukraine have left their homes, either to move within the country or to leave entirely.

Approximately 10,000 refugees have arrived in Ireland – while some have joined family and friends here, others have been accommodated in former religious properties such as convents, in hotels and in accommodation pledged by members of the public.

So far, there have been more than 20,000 offers of accommodation made through the Irish Red Cross.

2,000 of these pledges are for vacant properties, while the rest are for shared accommodation.

The Government is looking at long-term block booking of hotel accommodation to ensure there are enough rooms for everyone who arrives.