Progress Made on 100% Mica Redress Scheme


The work of delivering a 100% redress scheme for homeowners affected by the Mica scandal has taken a step forward today (Thursday) as the Government has received a report from the Society of Chartered Surveyors about the construction costs for the Defective Concrete Blocks Scheme.

A proposal to have a sliding scale of compensation has been rejected by homeowners and the Surveyors report will be used to assess how costs are calculated.

Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien says he now hopes to bring the final details of the redress scheme and the required legislation to Cabinet in April and asks that all the members of the Oireachtas committee facilitate a speedy passage of the Bill to allow the scheme get started as soon as possible.

The proposal published last November included a cap of €420,000 per house.

Around 7,000 homes, including 1,000 social houses, are affected by mica and the overall cost of the scheme has almost tripled from over €8.8 million to €2.2 billion.

A levy on the construction sector is to be implemented next year that will raise approximately €80 million per year to help cover the costs of the mica redress scheme and other schemes such as apartments with fire defects.