New Car Registrations Down In February


New car registrations for February were down 12.2% when compared to February 2021.

Registrations year to date are down 4.6%  on the same period last year.

The pandemic was hugely disruptive for car sales so figures for the last 2 years do not have a reliable pattern. 

Carbon taxes on fuels, inflation, Brexit and government grants to encourage adoption of EV vehicles are all impacting on buyer decision making when choosing a new vehicle.

Light Commercials vehicles sales are down 30.9%  while HGV  registrations are up 7.56% in comparison to February 2021.

Used car imports have also declined by  34% compared to  2021.

For the month of February 1,620 new electric vehicles were registered compared to 805 in February 2021. So far this year 4,320 new electric cars have been registered in comparison to 1,782 in the same period 2021.

Across county Tipperary so far this year 1,107 new cars have been purchased, a decrease of 7% on 2021 figures while county Limerick reports new car sales of 1,322 units – a reduction of almost 14% on last year’s sales of 1533 for Jan-Feb 2021.

Only counties Galway, Kildare and Meath report an increase in sales compared to 2021 for the same period with an increase of 10.4 % in Galway the highest per county.