Rural Independents Call For Mini Budget To Tackle Living Costs


The Rural Independents group led by Deputy Mattie McGrath are urging all TDs to support their Dáil motion, demanding the government to hold an urgent mini budget to mitigate and address the spiralling cost-of-living crisis on multiple fronts.

The group are seeking government action in respect of VAT, Excise and Carbon taxes.

Lowering the cost of fuel for transport and businesses and home heating should be addressed in addition to a €20 per week increase in all fixed social welfare payments according to the Dáil Grouping.

The group also seeks a dedicated package for farmers hit by a 300 percent jump in fertiliser costs, combined with the impacts of fuel, feeds and energy spikes, which are damaging profit margins  to all famers but especially pig producers.”

The motion will be considered by the Dáil tomorrow.