Council Meeting To Consider Public Realm Plan For Cahir


Tipperary Cahir Cashel MD council will hold it’s January meeting via zoom on Monday. 

The meeting will consider the Chief Executives Report on the part 8 proposal in respect of the Cahir Square and Public Realm Plan.

The proposal will seek to make extensive changes to the layout of the town centre Square and alterations to the traffic flow are also on the cards.

The new layout will incorporate a degree of flexibility for variation to accommodate events and seasonal levels of visitors. 

It is understood that the council received 8 submissions during the part 8 planning consultation.

The project is part of an overall town regeneration that includes a new library in the former Craft granary, a new car park and a new business hub. The projects are expected to involve an investment of 11.5 million euro in Cahir in the coming years.