Lotto Jackpot Must Be Won This Saturday


The National lottery have announced that biggest ever jackpot of over 19 million is guaranteed to be won this weekend.

On Saturday night, if the ‘Will-Be-Won’ Lotto jackpot is not won outright, the full value of the jackpot prize will flow down to the winner(s) of the next winning prize tier.

The current Lotto jackpot has been rolling since Wednesday 9th June 2021 and has remained capped at record prize since Saturday 2nd October.

The company says since then, Lotto players have benefited from additional prizes worth approximately €23.9 million as prize funds have been boosted at the Match 5 + Bonus and Match 5 tiers.

If you’re buying a lotto ticket, make sure you only spend what you can afford to lose, remember playing lotto is a game of chance. Play responsibly. Play for fun.