Changing Attitudes Towards Car Buying Post-Pandemic, report finds


50% of motorists surveyed said they would buy a new car online without having seen it in person, a new report has found.

Data from Carzone’s 13th Carzone Motoring Report has found that consumers attitudes towards buying a new car has changed post-Covid 19.

Following more than a year of Covid restrictions, the motor industry has adapted its way of selling cars with 29% of people visiting dealerships less often than they would have pre-pandemic.

48% of dealerships surveyed said that they felt the car buying process was quicker now than it had been, with many consumers being further along in their car buying process before consulting a dealership.

The Carzone Motoring Report spoke to 150 car dealerships and over 2,000 customers to gather its data.

Commenting on the Carzone Motoring Report, Karl Connolly, Audience Manager Carzone said: “The results are fascinating, revealing what has changed about the car buying journey and how the industry and car buyers are adapting to those changes.”

The study also found that three quarters (75%) of people will begin their car-buying journey online.